If Parker is not injured

Everyone's heart, and no one can win this round of what hope. But did not give up to see the team can regain one or two at home. If the first three quarters also let the fans see a glimmer of hope Zachary Werenski Jerseys, the fourth quarter has let people instantly fell to the bottom - when there is a ball referee awarded the Raptors a free throw ball, the audience even loudly shouted "referee ".The team's reaction is that after the famous singer Sam Gagner Jerseys, the team ambassador Drekk into the locker room Pierre-Luc Dubois Jerseys, are stopped at the door - this is difficult to swallow the loss, the Raptors also need some time to digest.If Parker is not injured, the wave may not use Gasol this pass cards, to retain a change in offensive and tactical tactics, but now can not stay. Spurs teenager Deutsche Bank - Murray replaced Parker starting, but he was only 20 years old too young, the first playoff play Lukas Sedlak Jerseys, under the defense of Patrick - Beverly, and even dribble over half is difficult , Let alone organize and attack.DeRozan fans may be unhappy, what is "easy to break out"? This is really not a small edged sarcastic, it is De Luozan before the iron. The first two games of the Knights series, DeRozan total of 27 of 9 shots, shooting only 33%, two games totaled 24 points, the efficiency value of a total of -53, is simply miserable.

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This is really not an anomaly

Coach Casey's words also sounded full of the end, "I am proud of this group of people John Ramage Jerseys. Sunday's game is entirely for the honor Jeremy Morin Jerseys, no one is willing to sweep in front of the home fans they took out some of them Kathy is still looking forward to the children who can kill back to Cleveland, but the local media do not think so.A local reporter muttered that this may not be a good choice for the players. That just means more humiliation. Take the beer bottle Funny, throw three points before the ball, left hand throw, you can not think of the next LeBron can also use what way to humiliate the Raptors.This is really not an anomaly Josh Anderson Jerseys, the regular season playoffs two of the situation in DeRozan career has been there. Drozzan NBA career regular season hit rate of 44 Lukas Sedlak Jerseys.6%, the playoffs hit rate of 40%, the regular season offensive efficiency (offensive 100 round score) is 108, to the playoffs down to 100. Drozzan NBA career regular season attack positive and negative (offensive 100 round score and league average level difference) is +0.5, and in the playoffs this data is -2.1, that is offensive efficiency is lower than the league average The

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